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The Dependable Strengths Articulation Process

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The Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP) is based on the premise that everyone has excellence deep within them. This excellence — in the form of a unique pattern of Dependable Strengths — can be identified and brought to awareness, enabling you to do your best work and experience your greatest satisfaction and fulfillment in life. The DSAP uncovers strengths and unlocks potential.

The DSAP is a unique interactive, peer-assisted, group process proven through research to improve self-esteem, motivation and internal locus of control while uncovering your most Dependable Strengths.

The DSAP enables you to

  • Identify your unique pattern of core strengths, talents, and abilities
  • Become motivated to be your best
  • Take action to express your strengths in work, home and life

The Process

    The DSAP is a planned sequence of 62 activities in an engaging 18-hour process usually conducted over two and a half days. The purpose is to identify your unique pattern of core strengths – Dependable Strengths – then apply this knowledge to finding meaningful work.

    The DSAP includes small group activities, short lecture, discussion, reflection, and experiential elements, including:

    • REMEMBERING…special events in your past called Good Experiences
    • DESCRIBING… these experiences in detail to others and receiving feedback about strengths
    • DETERMINING… your unique pattern of strengths using the Strengths Exploration Chart
    • CONFIRMING… your Dependable Strengths using the Reality Test
    • COMPILING… a Dependable Strengths Report describing you at your best

Career Development Facilitator (CDF) Training

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As a Career Development Facilitator participant, you will receive 120 hours of training in the National Career Development Facilitator competencies.

The course satisfies the training requirement necessary to obtain a credential as a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF).

For more information, check out Rob's article:

Focus on the Positive: Become the Impetus of Change

What will I learn?

  • Career resources and labor market information
  • Career planning processes
  • Helping and facilitation skills
  • Career development models and theories
  • Informal and formal assessment approaches
  • Diversity and specific population needs
  • Development of an effective career resource center
  • Training others and program promotion
  • Case management and referral skills
  • Ethical and scope-of-practice issues
  • Professional and resource portfolios
  • Effective job search strategies

Career Development Facilitator Instructor (CDFI) Training

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Do you want to take your career to the next level?
Do you want to be able to teach your own CDF course?

Then you need to earn your Career Development Facilitator Instructor certification. During a three day workshop, you and your peers demonstrate your teaching skills, shore up your knowledge about the CDF curriculum and prepare to bring CDF to your organization. Qualifications are set by NCDA and include a combination of career development experience, training experience, and involvement in growing the career development profession.

Customized Workshops

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Rob's idea of a good time is creating customized workshops for your organization's career development needs. If you don't see what you are looking for on this site, contact Rob to discuss your ideas. Every quarter, he teaches a community education course entitled "How to Teach Anything to Nearly Anyone." He can meet your needs.

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